Wednesday, May 13, 2015

[0.9.7] lgfrbcsgo's Improved Lighting Mod v0.9.7.4

This Mod changes the lighting of a few maps completely (for more details check out the screenshots below).


Blue sky meets bright yellow morning sun, which results in beautiful long shadows.


Deep blue sky and bright sun - early morning hours, imo the best time oft the day


A cloudy and foggy morning featuring a gorgeous sun rise


A foggy swamp glittering in the early morning sun, doesn't it look great?

El Hallouf

Death Valley as gorgeous as you haven't seen it before - I really like those early hours oft the day

Arctic Region

A sunny winter or as I call it "Winter Wonderland". Beautiful, huh?

Live Oaks

A sunny noon in the south west of the USA, at least I think so...


A sunny morning in the mid West oft the USA, correct me if I am wrong...

Pearl River

A really beautiful sun rise in the mountains of China or how it could look like


A snowy and sunny day in the Ukraine City oft Kharkov


Who doesn't like sunny winter days, at least that's what I tought...

Winter Ruinberg

A sunny morning on Ruinberg ...on the winter one


A rainy sun set in Stalingrad... I sadly haven't found the rainbow yet.

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