Wednesday, March 9, 2016

9.14 Sniper Autorotation

9.14 Sniper Autorotation mod disable handbrake to tank destroyer in sniper mode.

IMPORTANT! The mod only works with Dynamic camera!

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  1. After you install the mod, u must enable dynamic camera then u can use it, but there is a problem if u disable the dynamic camera after u install the mod your game get crash or frezee. so if u not a fan from dynamic camera didnt use it.

  2. Yes, but what is the purpose of it, can you give an example on how to use it???

  3. USEFULL FOR TURETLESS TD, normally in sniper mode u can't look left and right outside gun angle, also when u go sniper mode ur tank activates handbrake.

    what this mod do:
    1. does not activate handbrake in snipermode,or better say pressing left or right ignores the handbrake, usefull when someone try to flank u and u have to turn while in sniper mode.
    2.when u go forward + snipemode u can still look left and right like on turreted vehicles. as it should be normal... sine comanger of the TD can see 360... just like any other tank, restricting this for Turetless tds was retarded of WG

    1. forgot to add, if u want to use handbrake press X same as before,
      remember going out of sniper mode removes the brake

    2. the problem though, you will most likely went way past your target because your tank will keep on turning until you aim in the middle again
      so if you just want to adjust your aim a little, rotate your tank manually with A/D... this will keep your gun stabilized in the middle