Monday, June 8, 2015

9.8.1 One client all servers

9.8.1 One client all servers


  1. A description would be IMBA.....

  2. in folder are one but in russian, later I will proper translate.
    Here by google translate:

    The archive contains the batch files and shortcuts to automate the running of the right customer


    archive contains three folders: locales, desktop
    the first folder (locales) put an "as is" folder res_mods, "close" with a folder 0.9.5 (replacing the existing files if the previous version). In other words, within the folder res_mods must be at least two folders: 0.9.0 - contains the current version of the fashion and locales - from the attached archive.
    shortcuts "WoT RU", "WoT EU", etc. You can use the previous version (if there was) - if not, then pull them out of the desktop folder to the desktop

    1. The accompanying labels "believe" that the game is in the "default" folder C: \ Games \ WorldOfTanks, if it is not - the labels need to be corrected accordingly, or create new ones. In a batch file with the correct nothing.
    2. On the client, set inside the directory Program Files (Program Files (x86)) mod does not work !! Perhaps the situation can correct Run as administrator (but not sure, experiment and lazy)

    Run the desired customer by double-clicking on the desired label.

    For information:

    - Source client can not be modified, all you need to run the desired "nationality" of the client files will not leave the folder res_mods. In other words, the removal of this "fashion" is similar to the removal of any other: bring res_mods folder to its original state.
    - The "events" provides an opportunity to play on servers in different regions from the same client, but not with the same account. Ie to play on European servers need an account registered in the European region, etc.

    1. Dear GOX , i think its installation is little cumbersome, request u to test this mod urself & create ur own installation 'Read Me'. BTW great great mod, was looking for this since ages :) Many thnx

    2. normally every mod here is tested be my except this one..
      I don't have account on other server for testing, but me was told be user that works.
      will latter proper translate.
      This worked for sure in 9.7 but for now i don't know

    3. He stopped developement for the region changer. He has sold it....

  3. Replies
    1. Do i everytime have to copy the content inside the US or EU folder into the gamedir?

    2. Mate would be very nice if you can help me a bit ;)
      obviously you play on different servers.
      It's easy to understand folder structures.
      1. you go to folder which you want to change, for exemple NA all inside the folder copy/paste into: World_of_Tanks\res_mods\
      2. Go to the folder Автоматическая смена (Automatic change) then folder desktop, then copy to desktop WoT NA.lnk.
      For locales same procedure...
      Your orginal shortcut will work for server which you orginaly instaled, and shotcut which you copy will work for NA server which we used as exeple.
      Let me know mate if works.

    3. Sorry for writing mistakes, Typed on phone...
      Forgot to mention shortcut on desktop is from default if your game are in C:\Games\World_of_Tanks otherwise you need to change direction in shortcut.

  4. @GOX it got struck at 'logging in' wheel , & then asks to update client again & again.