Tuesday, August 11, 2015

9.9 Direction Box full version updated 11.08.2015

9.9 Direction Box full version updated 11.08.2015


  1. again gox releasing glitching or non working mods. NOT A SURPRISE

    1. Can recommend you to ask:
      How to install...
      everyone mod here working! all personal tested!
      for everyone works only for you nothing work...
      ask you self what did you wrong..

    2. If you're not surprised, why on earth do you bother to download from here? Here's a plan. YOU dedicate the time that it must take to compile, update, and test these mods or packs, or spend time answering other folks stupid questions so that EVERYONE ELSE can enjoy a better gaming experience..
      I bet that you also don't donate anything to help Gox maintain the FREE service that he provides and pays for a premium account to host his work, and just come here to grab what you want and cry and insult Gox when you cant get it to work first time.
      And also, just saying "doesn't work" or stupid comments like yours makes it impossible to form any kind of diagnosis if there actually is a problem.

    3. Everything is true mate! even I pay for mediafire host!
      and have only few donators :(

    4. gox rox! works, thanks

  2. I can confirm it works.
    Install instructions:
    1. Download mod (.rar file)
    2.Unrar in World_Of_Tanks/res_mods/0.9.9/


  3. it works on mine.
    mod itself is fine.
    thx Gox.

  4. merci pour tous Gox
    un petit francais

  5. hii gox there is problem the menu of entering battle tank list the head line writhed in strange way
    like that menu/loading/tank/player