Monday, July 27, 2015

9.9 Offline map viewer

9.9 Offline map viewer

WASD - forward / left / back / right respectively
Q / E and the mouse wheel - vertical ascent / descent
1 0 - Speed ​​Control (1 - very slow, 0 - very fast)
C - linking the camera to point at the center of the screen
X - snap camera parallel to the ground
P - inertia switch (smooth flight)
2 Num / Num 3 - turn the camera to the horizon (R to return to its normal position)
Insert / Delete - zoom in / out (F to return to its normal position)
V - On / Off interface
M - on / off mini-map (independent from the rest of the interface)
Hold Ctrl - activation of the cursor
Ctrl + N - Reset camera
Esc - game menu, "Quit the hangar" closes the client
How to activate the mod:
Start the game and press the key combination "CTRL + B".
Change the map to see:
The author has simplified the task. Now the choice card takes place immediately after the launch of fashion "CTRL + B" (pop-up window).


  1. i cant actuive Map...
    i pushed M button but cant active Map
    and i have locastan minimap mod

  2. Does that work with "cheat" pack?

    1. should works, but need to be edited... let me know if you want

  3. very nice indeed but controls: ESC, M, 1, 0 ain't working (minimap, fast, slow and exit)
    I have to force to exit but otherwise looking pretty good!!

  4. How to use this mod???

  5. How I can activate? From hangar or before the battle starts?

  6. Can enter the map offline but can't move

  7. I created Terra! long before this existed. It could all maps and was used to plan clan battles.
    I have not tested this but does it work with the new changes made to the .pkg files?
    If you have sorted out how the space.bin file works.. Please find me at WOTs and send a PM! My name is Coffee_

  8. Y for bot is not working.

  9. These messages should be more often read by people.