Wednesday, September 2, 2015

9.10 Update

Updated today over 100 mods, just grab whatever you need, it's everything here.
For searching, I created Menu Bar on the right side.
Upcoming days will follow by another update with the rest mods.
Didn't have time for fixing my mod pack, next will be in version 9.10
As alternative in 9.9 for AimBot-Shaytan you can use AutoAim (Aimbot) by SAE
and OTM Reload Timer for [ZJ] Marker Re-Load


  1. where is the i like button =)

    thx a lot

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  2. It's all good Gox, thank you for your hard work.

  3. It's a Good mod but it crushes the game after 4.5 battles. I have tryed all the mods i have and wen i didnt put this one the game wors dam fine ...wen i put otm after 4.5 games it crash. So sad but i dont used.

  4. Good Post! Thank you so much for sharing this pretty post