Saturday, April 2, 2016

9.14.1 Premium Gox Hack Pack for skills v0.51

9.14.1 Premium Gox Hack Pack for skills v0.51
ONLY for users with b4it license !

Including all most important cheat mods: AIM bot, lasers, redball, destroyed objects, tundra, reload timer, blind hit mod, tracer, enemy direction, always black sky etc…

Caution! this version is only for players with b4it license !
Otherwise b4it will not work, If you have already 
Just extract, copy/paste res_mods to your game folder and roll out. 
If you interesting to buy b4it you can do that here

-Black Sky Control+Numpad2
-Tundra Numpad 2
-Laser Numpad 1

All other commands are adjustable in hangar b4it setting.

Recommend are to run WoT Cache Cleaner before install (is not a must).
Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Download from MediaFire:
Download Link

Support my work if you can, Keep this ModPack existing support Link

How to setting b4it mods 

How to completely Enable / Disable single mods
Photo 1 see Green button, mod is Enabled

Click on Green button and become red, see photo 2

Mod is Disabled (deactivated)

Other Screenshots:


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  2. Arty Battleassistent mod included?

  3. Safe with new mod detection put out by Wargaming?

  4. something is wrong when you run the launcher have a black screen and nothing happens and wash WoT Cache Cleaner helps not only helps remove Modpack

  5. HoW disable the aimhilfe two and the autofocus wenn i Use ZJ. When i ddisable the aim two is the autofocus on

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  7. how installed ogre aimbot with it ?

  8. not work tundra, brekable object, ...stb

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  10. battleloading gets frozen

  11. Thank you Gox, been working great for me....

  12. hi, how to remove the color appearance of tanks in sniper mod? Thank you.

    1. In the B4it settings from ur garage .... bottom right corner , there are 2 interlocked triangles ... click that ... there are all ur mod settings

  13. GOX : How Disables firing into their own players?

  14. Hey do you own /run I tried to setup account but never recieved an email back when I tried to register.. Checked junkmail and inbox... ?

  15. i did clean install but when i get an ingame invite i cant accept it also , i cant chat after i die

  16. hello, where can i change zoom settings for sniper mode?
    If I switch to the sniper mode, the zoom indicator is already set to 9,9.
    Where can I change this setting?

  17. hello I can install the official eighteenth after installing the b4it?

  18. hello I can install the official xvm after installing the b4it?

  19. when i change ammo, i have massiv fps drops to 5-7.
    change back fps went up to 120fps.


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  21. Hey GOX thanks!! THIS MOD IS AMAZING!
    :) :)
    oh ya may i ask as to how to change the EFF to WN8 in this mod? I changed the statisticsform.xc in the protanki folder from c:winrate to c:wn8 or c:eff but it remains the same...
    for example i want to change my rating from 5569 to 1100? is it possible?