Thursday, June 23, 2016 Premium Gox Hack Pack for skills v0.56 Premium Gox Hack Pack for skills v0.56
ONLY for users with b4it license !

Including all most important cheat mods: AIM bot, lasers, redball, destroyed objects, tundra, reload timer, blind hit mod, tracer, enemy direction, always black sky etc…

Caution! this version is only for players with b4it license !
Otherwise b4it will not work, If you have already 
Just extract, copy/paste res_mods to your game folder and roll out. 
If you interesting to buy b4it you can do that here

-Black Sky Control+Numpad2
-Tundra Numpad 2
-Laser Numpad 1

All other commands are adjustable in hangar b4it setting.

Recommend are to run WoT Cache Cleaner before install (is not a must).
Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Download from MediaFire:
Download Link

Support my work if you can, Keep this ModPack existing support Link

Important !!
go to the
login and uncheck:

How to setting b4it mods 

How to completely Enable / Disable single mods
Photo 1 see Green button, mod is Enabled

Click on Green button and become red, see photo 2

Mod is Disabled (deactivated)

Other Screenshots:


  1. thx very much, but redball don't work

  2. I'd pay to use.
      how to do

  3. I'd pay to use.
      how to do

  4. Hi , I instal Again Wot , after always. Was ok , b4 work and next step pack 56 and error???
    Not working , drop out to desktop? Any idea?

    1. open windows bar
      write: %temp% and press enter
      delate this files (see in attached photos)
      start client again

  5. nah it keeps freezing on loading screen, even deleting temp foles

  6. GOX I don't know what it is, maybe lasers, but I get kicked at the first sight of an enemy tank.

  7. how to turn tundra in?

  8. Gox, with your premium hackpack i have in the middle of the game 1-2 fps. without your pack, only with b4it its all ok. It takes about 14 days. (coreI7) any solution please ?

  9. Why the test time is over? there is still 5 days, while the cheat is disabled?

    see image:

  10. gox have a problem with sight , it happens to me that does not work auto aim and will not work, zoom in and zoom out just freezes and I can only get into sight with the shift , but again zoom does not work

  11. Hi I have a question how to buy out the Gox World of tanks mods 64 bit full version of Germany and how much is that in euros?, their program is really awesome super.

  12. Wow i wrote a comment about how my game was crashing and he should ditch b4it and he deleted my comment. Wow gox.

  13. Hi gox, everything is working exept my minimap.... no tanknames and circles are visible on my minimap. any suggestions?

  14. My Autoaim Stops Working sometimes any fix ?

  15. Aim is dead. Added SAE and it works.

  16. WTF did game crash every time on startup, with your mods??

  17. Unleash the 057 premium version please...

  18. gox when u update the premium mod ??? some mods end ;(

  19. Does this work without Ogre Mod? I got B4it but not going to pay an extra $100 for ogre