Wednesday, September 18, 2019 Ogre AimBot Ogre AimBot updated
FREE Trial for all every Monday and Friday

Ogre Ninja Aimbot has been updated and became even better than before!
We've improved a lot of things, the main ones are:
- much smoother and precise prediction calculatons that allow you to hit fast-running tanks on long distances
- improved shooting while moving
- improved aiming at tracks, just try it and you'll be surprised
- we've done a hard work gathering statistical data of modules locations which allows you to aim at ammo racks and fuel tanks for many tanks in the game
- you can now configure your own preset of where to aim, whether it is crew or modules
- few changes in the HUD

As always Ogre Ninja is free to use on Mondays and Fridays. b4it v31.05 b4it v31.05
FREE Trial for all every Monday and Friday
100% working without any issue!
Totally new coded mod!
0 (ZERO) FPS decrease

Mods loader are updated, old loader will not support upcoming updates therefore please update to new!