Friday, April 17, 2015

9.6 Gox Hack Pack For Skills v0.07

Including all most important cheat mods: AIM bot, lasers, destroyed objects, tundra, reload timer, blind hit mod, tracer, redball, enemy direction, always blue sky, broken destructible etc…

Just extract, copy/paste res_mods to your game folder and roll out.

-Tundra Key: F2
-Lasers NumPad 7
-Chameleon Key: U
-Broken destructible NumPad 8
-Contour Look (X-ray) NumPad 1
-AimBot Shaytan NumPad 9
-Quick Equipment F3
- Battle Assistant Key: G
-Sniper scope for Arty Key: T

Recommend are to run WoT Cache Cleaner before install (is not a must).

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Download Link 1

more screenshots


  1. Is there a way i can just get the destruction mod and arty scope? Without downloading the whole file?

  2. Modification Destructible
    and what do u mean exactly with arty scope?

  3. your hack pack and magnificent. There is only aimbot which I think is not very good, but all in all, and a really nice hack pack

    1. It's a best aimbot, you can see in voting too.
      maybe you dont have latest version of aimbot, you can download here:

      New version of the modpack is ready, I just wait when they update game to 9.7.
      Anyway if they don't do until tomorrow, will public new for 9.6

    2. I thank you for the work you do, you are really good