Friday, May 1, 2015

"Modification Destructible" is broken...

Hi guys and girls

There are stability problems with "Modification Destructible", so dont use it until further notice or removal of this post.

If you already have problems, then just remove "ModificationDestructible.pyc" in your "\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.9.7\scripts\client\mods" folder.

I am sure GOX will post new one as soon as he gets it.

looks like that all some prostonoob's mods have problems... beside  ModificationDestructible, those might be ModificationTranslocation and ModificationIntuition and possibly ModificationProjectile

I havent test it yet, but if removing ModificationDestructible.pyc does not help then try to remove those files accordingly: ModificationIntuition.pyc, ModificationTranslocation.pyc and ModificationProjectile.pyc

ModificationDestructible IS problematic: replacement here 
ModificationProjectile is NOT problematic.
ModificationTranslocation is UNKNOWN for now.
ModificationIntuition is UNKNOWN for now.

let us know your findings


  1. Replaced ModificationDestructible however game still crashes, so it might be best to delete all 4 files.

  2. Okay after some more testing, only ModificationProjectile works. The ModificationDestructible fix does not fix the issue. You have to delete in order for the game to work.


    ModificationProjectile is okay but I don't see a point in just leaving that mod installed when the other three don't work.

  3. to run the game I had to cancel all 3 files (ModificationDestructible.pyc - ModificationIntuition.pyc - ModificationTranslocation.pyc) I tried to delete them one by one, but the game does not start. eliminated all three of the game and shared with no problems .... this is my case solved temporarily

  4. I am back!
    Checked all and Following mods making problems:

    and all are from same author, ProstoNoob...

    1. and he sell it now for 500 рублей that is 9.6 USD or 8.6 Euro.
      Never mind! have alternatives ;)