Monday, June 1, 2015

9.8 Server turret extended (Muzzle chaos)

9.8 Server turret extended (Muzzle chaos)

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Mod fixes the turret to always forcibly rotated in unison with the coordinates of the server aim.
A high ping, the tower will shake, it does clarify the situation and synchronization tank turret. That is why in the name of mod is a word chaos.
also have the option in the config sync tank guns, but when you activate this option with a strong ping, muzzle greatly shakes.

Watch the video, it shows what happens when you have high ping, and delayed synchronization position tank turret


  1. Replies
    1. It corrects your aim in sync with server, previously server aim could only be shown using an additional crosshair. This is a good mod, especially if your connection is usually over 50ms

  2. in the video, there are just 35 ms ping that are certainly a high value!

  3. When this mod is running do you have to have server side cross hair enable in the game menu as well?