Tuesday, July 21, 2015

9.9 Maniac Mouse's XVM Config v6.1.3

9.9 Maniac Mouse's XVM Config v6.1.3


This mod is a configuration for XVM: eXtended Visualisation Mod which is included in the package.
To get the most out of this configuration, please visit the XVM homepage to enable statistics and configure your settings.


  • Coloured stars indicating WN8 rating.
  • Coloured tank icons.
  • Custom SixthSense image (blue diod) with sound.
  • Loading screen and Scoreboard shows country players are from and some statistics (number of battles, WN8, winrate).
  • In the garage, server latency is displayed in the upper left corner and you get two lines of tanks in the carousel with extra filters and statistics for each tank (matchmaking, win ratio, number of battles, average damage, mastery badge).
  • Zoom Out mod.


  • Shows you the damage that you have done.
  • Damage coloured by damage type. (Hit, Fire, Ramming)
  • When <ALT> is held down, the hitlog is replaced with a view of enemy hitpoints left (updated only when tanks are visible to you).


  • When <ALT> is held down, tank name is replaced with player name and statistics is shown above the player name (number of battles, WN8, winrate).


  • White rectangle indicating drawing distance. You won't see anything past this line.
  • Green circle indicating your view range.
  • Red circle indicating maximum shooting distance (for SPG and low tier low calibre guns).
  • When <ALT> is held down, tank name is replaced with player name.

Players Panel

  • Text coloured by alive/dead status.
  • Health bars (updated only when enemies are visible to you)
  • Spotted indicators for enemies.


Copy the res and res_mods folders to the root folder of your World of Tanks installation.


For this mod to work in an optimal way, you should configure the following in game general settings like this:
  • Show vehicle tier: ON
  • Show vehicle markers on Battle Score panel: ON
  • Display camera direction beam on the minimap: OFF
  • Display arc of fire for the SPG on the minimap: ON
  • Enable Expanded Minimap Features: Never