Thursday, July 30, 2015

9.9 Auto Repair and Health + Automatic Extinguisher

Finally! 9.9 Auto Repair and Health + Automatic Extinguisher

Open AutoRepair.xml and chose setting which module and crew should immediately repair.
True is Yes
False is No

Also available shortcuts:
CTRL+1 - Repair Engine
CTRL+2 - Repair AmmoBay
CTRL+3 - Repair Gun
CTRL+4 - Repair Tracks
CTRL+5 - Repair Gunner
CTRL+6 - Repair Driver
CTRL+7 - Repair Loader

File AutoRepair.xml and AutoRepair.pyc place into \World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.9.9\scripts\client\mods

Enjoy it !


  1. How to make it to repair my tracks only with SPACE button everything else is good

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  3. how it works? we can only use 1 repair kit in a battle so how does it work

  4. hi, for Automatic Extinguisher is 10.0 mean 100% ? txs for your job

  5. How can u change the CTRL+ key configs?

  6. How can i get it in english pls

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