Wednesday, May 25, 2016

9.15 Hangar Manager 'HangMan' v 2.9

9.15 Hangar Manager 'HangMan'  v2.9


Creating your own hangar during a battle by saving the map and tank position
Possibility to make separate sound settings for each hangar
Change the hangar by:
selector-window or by pressing keys on keyboard
random (on login and after battle)
depending on nation of selected vehicle
last known position on map of last battle 
Automatic reading of all installed hangars (with exclusion list)
Freecam in hangar
settings-window for keyboard-settings


  1. How do I install this mod?

  2. u have full instruction in .rar file.

  3. The freecam in hanger options dont work and neither does freecam.

  4. im a noob guys, how do I install this mod, it Looks rly rly nice, i cant find a instruction in my .rar file, NEED HELP!! :D ty <3

  5. create a folder on your desktop, extract rar with winrar or similar to the new folder you have created, open new folder and right click on 9.14.1 folder and select coopy from the menu, close folder, right click on your WoT desktop icon and open file location, open res_mods folder, right click select paste from menu


  6. when will the autoaim offered out ??

  7. flying around dosnt work, i had this mod before. then i had to download the fly mod but i cant find it. any help possibly?